Best Eye Primer For Dry Skin

I swear by Too Face from Sephora myself. But how well is that suited to dry skin? Well when I asked the cosmetic counter it wasn’t even suggested but as to what was, I am now going to share the results.

There is the Smashbox 24 Hour. Unless you are one of those rare people who works 24 hour shifts and then sleeps it off, don’t even bother testing that aspect of it. Whether it would hold or not, you are going to aggravate dry skin doing that at the very least and further you are going to wind up with red dry eyes and maybe even an eye infection. All that said, the waxy feeling of this vs the gels that most primers offer feels great on dry skin. For that reason alone, this one would be my pick if you have dry skin.

My other recommendation for best eye primer for dry skin is Ulta. It is about half the price of Smashbox–since there are those of us who don’t wish to cut corners but won’t spend Sephora prices. Anyway, this is advertised to last all day and that it does.